Hi friends! Happy Friday to ya!
Today's Friday Fives topic is 5 things in your fridge! After you check out my list, be sure to pay a visit to BETH!

Alright, so my fridge always, always has the following:

1. My new found love is my Brita pitcher. Water tastes so much better now!

2. Sour cream. Oh, yes I can't eat a potato or anything Mexican without it! Trust me, it's a bad night if we run out of it!
3. Cheese. My hubby is a cheese addict (and I like it pretty well myself). He puts it on EVERYTHING! It's definitely not a happy home without cheese in the fridge.
4. Mustard. Oh I love me some mustard. Sometimes I eat just mustard sandwiches. Sometimes just by the spoonful. I know...strange.

5. Last but not least, good ol' Frank's Red Hot. I love me some hot sauce - on everything. There's really not much I don't put it on.
Ok, now I'm feeling a bit hungry and ready for lunch!


  1. oh we would get along well! we have the same things! :)

  2. I'm all about some cheese and purified water too!