I Got Schooled

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So, the other day, I totally got schooled on all things organic.
And for whatever reason, I felt you should know the information I received.
You know, it's part of my blogging duties....to make sure you're informed!

But seriously.

Ok, so I'm definitely not at all crazy into the organic movement. I have just been trying to make wiser choices of what I put into my body. I am in no way heading into the direction of vegetarianism or the vegan world, just trying to be smarter.

So while talking with a coworker on Tuesday, we had a deep discussion on "organic" vs. "locally grown".

Now, apparently "organic" has now become this huge ordeal. Sadly, in order for something to be declared "organic", a ton of forms have to be completed and the hoops that have to be jumped are primarily those that only a big organization can accomplish. Therefore, just because it's organic doesn't mean it's good.

However, those who are truly in board with an organic lifestyle should be doing the "locally grown" route.

Let me break it down:
This particular coworker tries to only buy produce and beef from farmers within 50 miles of where he lives. His defense is this: it supports local farmers AND saves on gas pollution to the environment. According to his view point, if he buys an organic product at the grocery store, but it's shipped from Oregon, then the environmental impact isn't changed. The gas emitted to get it here has done more harm than the pesticides.
Good point.
So apparently, in cities all over the US, there are local farm groups that you can buy directly from. For instance, her spends $25 a week for a box of produce full of seasonal veggies. They have adapted to a seasonal eating approach. So during the summer months, he may get a ton of okra and tomatoes - he definitely has to get creative with the cooking of these as to keep the palate happy! Through this same organization, he goes in with 3 other people and buys a fresh quarter of a cow.

Now this way of life isn't for everyone. Hey - it's not even really for me.
However, I think it was a real eye opener on how large companies are trying to cash in on the "organic" market.

So I guess I say all that to say...buy locally if possible, support your local farmers, and make sure if you're buying organic....that it really is organic!

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