Day 3 - Love Story

Happy Sunday!
So today, let's chat about my first love.

Let's travel back to the 7th grade.
I was a band geek. It's true.
I played clarinet.
And there was this cute little boy that played the drums. His name was Andy.
Andy and I were friends.
Then on the last day of 7th grade, he finally asked me out!
I said yes.
We went on a double date with my bff and her boyfriend to see Jurassic Park: The Lost World.
Very bad experience.
He tried to kiss me and ended up slobbering all over my cheek and then biting my lip open.
No bueno.

But that was only the beginning. All through 8th grade we were on again/off again.
And he really was my first love.
He was my first kiss.
He was my first introduction to Christian music.
And no matter how many times we broke up, we always got back together.
That was how it had always been.
Until the week before 9th grade started.
We were at band camp.
And I broke up with him.
Then he told me that was it.
And he never loved me again.
Seriously my first heart break!

Our relationship began in the 7th grade band room and ended in the practice field for 9th grade marching band.


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