Day 5 - The Siblings

Yay me! I've kept up for 5 days!
Today's fabulous topic is all about the siblings.

Growing up I was an only child.
However, I have 3 half brothers from my dad - 1 older and 2 younger.
I heart them!
They all live in the great state of Texas.
My youngest brother, Cody, and I are very close. It's so funny because we are just alike and didn't grow up together.

Both of my young bro's (Shane and Cody) got married this year. And I had the privilege of photographing both of them! Major highlight of my life I must say! And not to mention the awesome new sisters I got out of the deal!
Here is Shane and his wife Raegan.
And here's Cody and Christie.

My older brother Jamie and his wife Jenn have the two cutest kids ever - Jade and Jordi.
This picture is of me, my cousin Holli, and my older brother Jamie.

They are fabulous gentlemen.
Love them all sooo much.

Now I just need them to move about 700 miles closer!
Or at least come for a few more visits.

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