Friday Fives - Favorite Blogposts

So excited it's Friday!
Like SO excited!

I'm loving Beth's Friday Fives topic this week because it's letting us toot our own horn....a little.

This week we're listing our 5 favorite blogposts that we've ever written. So, here we go. Click on each one to see it.

1. Checklist - This is my new 30 before 30 list. I'm motivated and inspired. (and overwhelmed).

2. Testimony Time - This one is just plain ol' special!

3. V-Day - a valentine's day like no other.

4. Oh The Place You'll Go - inspiration for any age.

5. Audrey - ummm..hello! I loveth her!


  1. Hey, you know what i did with my 30 before Im 30? I made it my desktop background. Therefore it will NEVER get away from me.

    OOHHHHH AND I meant to text this to you today, but was so busy I forgot....the World Cost Plus Market on Cobb Pkwy is having a wine tasting Oct 16. I know that is on your list!