Christmas List....Friday Fives Style

Happy Friday!
Ok, you know the drill....check out Beth's blog for her Friday Fives!
Today's fabulous topic is 5 things that will be on my Christmas list! Yay!
And we're off!
1. All things from Charming Charlie. OMG, you must find one near you! It is the most fabulous women's jewelry store on the planet! Nothing (jewelry wise) is over $15 and it's awesome. You walk into the store and it's coordinated by color. Sheer fabulousness. Check out their website at www.charmingcharlie.com
2. Lenses for my camera - I really, really need some. They're SO expensive, but make all the difference in a picture. It's a good investment for my business.

3. Skin Care Products - I really want to get hooked on a good line of skin care products. I just feel like drug store brand stuff isn't cutting it anymore. Problem is, I don't know where to start. I've done Clinique and I'm not a huge fan. My dermatologist told me their yellow classic moisturizer is horrible for your skin. Sadness - it was the one thing I loved! Any suggestions?

4. Home Decor - I'm in great need of this! I just need some stuff to go on my walls and such to liven the place up. Really need to define a style.

5. A Spa Day - oh what this would do for me. Or, for about the same amount, the massaging chair insert. I tried one at Brandsmart and it was GREAT!

Ok, now join in on the fun!


  1. I need some new lens also, Ive had mine for two years:/

  2. Fun list! I need to check out Charming Charlie's. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Skin care: www.amway.com/dukesinternational If I remember correctly, the Balancing Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer is what you used and liked.