Recap Time!

Happy Monday to ya!

This weekend was a fast one! Saturday morning we had a Christmas brunch with my family. My uncle and aunt have recently gone vegan. Well if you consider 10 months ago recent.
So we had a vegan brunch at their pad.
I was a little worried.....I've never really had vegan food.
She made gingerbread waffles, which I must say were quite tasty! :)
There was a delicious cranberry sauce that went over the top of them.
I'm gonna need that recipe. For realz.

So after our lil' brunch, I headed out to West Georgia for a huge family photo shoot. We're talking 8 adults and 7 children. But SO much fun. Pictures turned out great....I'll share soon!

So we made the trek back to our side of town and had a craft extravaganza. I officially only need to purchase 3 more gifts (and make 10). That's awesome!

And I even have a few spare gifts left over just in case I've missed someone!

Well the time is drawing very near......a week from today we'll be heading West to great state of Oklahoma. I guess it's great...never been.
But I am so incredibly excited!
We've got the cabin rented, recipes planned, and it's going to be awesome.
I'm just so looking forward to some quality time with my family! This is huge because I usually only see them once a year - this now makes it multiple times this year! Woo hoo!
Now I've just got to get them to take a trip East to come see me! :)
Anyway, I digress. So once we get to the cabin we're decorating a tree. A down home tree with popcorn garland and homemade ornaments. Can. Not. Wait.
For realz.
Just think of the photos that will come!
Makes my heart go pitter patter.

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