Whatever Happened To...

i got to thinking the other day.
dangerous, i know.
but seriously, our society has changed SO drastically.
do remember tgif on abc during the 90s?
you know, a family friendly couple of hours on tv?
they were the BEST shows!
i miss the innocence of that.
a lot.

like step by step - i could sing you the whole theme song right now!
step by step, day by day...
ok i'll stop.
but i loved that show!

and was there ever anything better than the love of cory and topanga on boy meets world?
seriously loved that show.
i now watch the dish on style network (topanga..err....danielle fishel hosts it) just to get my fix.
i have now decided i want the whole series on dvd.
do hear that chris? (wink wink, nudge nudge)

and of course there was family matters.
did i do that?
that unmistakably annoying voice of steve urkel, but the show was so addicting!

of course there will never be another show like full house.
seriously....who didn't love it?
and who didn't want an uncle jesse?

did you really think i would forget growing pains? ahhhhh

an then there were the disney movies that came on every week. i mean seriously, it was wonderful!
my family truly did sit down and watch all these shows together.

i miss the innocence.
i miss the encouragement and importance of family.
where has our society gone?
too much technology?
too much emphasis on getting ahead, getting the next best thing?
i don't know why it just popped in my head this week.
i honestly had forgotten about it all.
but seriously, when was the last time you rushed home on a friday or saturday night to have family time with family shows emphasising good, moral values.....not some sex addicted teenagers.
it's funny how growing up i identified with characters out of each of these shows.
loved them.
oh, the good old days.

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  1. I remember TGIF on ABC! I miss all of those shows.
    If I'm lucky I can catch a few of the episodes late at night on Nick @ Nite.
    I wish they still had family friendly TV. It was a great way to sit and relax with the family and not have to worry if the show is going to be inappropriate or not.