Me Monday - Favorite Vacays

this week we're looking back on our favorite vacations.
chris and i are still young in our marriage, so we haven't been as many places as we'd like.
we're working on it though.
growing up, i loved family vacations. so. much. fun.
we usually went to the beach in florida and the mountains in tennessee.
oh how i miss those.
unfortunately, i haven't scanned in any of those photos.
however, i'll tell ya about a few of my faves with my honey!
first off, i'd have to say paris. now, technically, we were on a mission trip in slovakia and paris was just a layover that we missed - so we got to spend a night there.
it was beautiful!
i literally drool when i think about going back.....i saw just enough to make me want it!

another favorite was our trip to nyc this past summer. chris was sick most of the trip, but it was still nice to be there with him and see it all together.

the summer of 2009 we headed of to our great nation's capital for a lil' trip. loved it.
there was soooooo much to see and so much we didn't see!
but it was definitely one of my favorites.

i know i already mentioned nyc above, but i took another trip last may to photograph my baby brother's wedding. it was beautiful and magical. a memory i'll never ever forget.

january 2009 we went to charleston, sc. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
for realz.
i seriously would like to go back and see more of the city and do more.
we had such a good time.

that about sums it up!
lots of fond memories from all those trips and i can't wait to see what we add to the mix this year!
i know for sure we have a beach trip lined up, but hopefully we can throw in a few others!

i want to know all about your favorites! don't forget to comment if you're participating so i can stop by and see!


  1. I'm participating! Check my blog in about 30 minutes for the post :-) http://cantgoogleeverything.blogspot.com


  2. I'm participating! Check my blog at http://painfullyoptomistic.com and a post from my trip to Hawaii from a week ago. I'll post another tomorrow as well. Great site by the way!