Well happy Friday to ya!

I've been quite the slacker lately when it comes to blogging.

It hasn't been intentional.....it's just been crazy busy around here!

I'm transitioning into a new role at work, so life has been hectic! But in a good way!

Randomocity in the life of LT:
  • I finally saw Despicable Me. Could possibly be one of my new favorites! LOVED it! "Liiiigggghhtt Bulb." Watch it and you'll see.
  • In recent weeks, we've amped up the Netflix que. Last weekend we watched Emma....the one with Gwyneth Paltrow from years ago. SO good. Why have I never seen it? I love, love, loved it. Chris hated it in the most horrible way. But he sat through it.
  • Tomorrow I'm living life by having lunch with my granny at a Japanese restaurant. Love me some hibachi!
  • This week I've been trying out a few weight watchers recipes. Can I just tell you that they quite possibly could be some of the best meals ever....and good for you. How can that be? Delicious and healthy? Unheard of. So needless to say, my motivation has increased! I made Italian beef stew one night, and last night i made pecan chicken with mac and cheese. oh my, so good! Tonight we're trying chicken jalapeno tacos.
  • A hair cut is desperately needed and shall happen tomorrow! yippee!
  • Chris has been quite sick for the past 3 weeks and pretty much hasn't left the house. As you can imagine, it's been quite the culture shock for us. I'm desperately waiting for the new meds to kick in. And I do mean desperately.

And there you have it. That just about catches everything up. Have a marvelous weekend!

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