Me Monday

it's time for our second installment of me monday!

the topic of choice today: your favorite celebrities.
these are in no certain order.
just my absolute favorite actors...all of which i would love to be best friends with!

let's start with sandy.
sandra bullock that is.
LOVE her.
love her lots.
love every movie she's in.....yes, even all about steve.

next on the list, lauren graham. you may know her best from gilmore girls (which is next on my netflix que to watch). i personally love her in her new show, parenthood. i think she's gorgeous.

oh dearest julia roberts. i heart her to the infinite degree.
she is my absolute favorite forever and always!
for me she can do no wrong.

yes, i am team jen all the way! still haven't got over her break up from brad.
and for the record, i love the movies she's in.
they never seem to be big box office hits....why is that?
i think most of them are really good!

now ladies, this is a man.
mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.
i love him mucho.
he's my get out of jail free card.
i mean look at him!
gerard butler....enough said.

the fabulous anne hathaway. love her too. i think she's so classy. she reminds me of a modern day audrey hepburn, who, we all know, that i absolutely adore.

and finally, amy adams. i just love her. according to her latest interview with marie claire, i believe, she's not as innocent as everyone portrays her to be. she's got a little wild side.
and she's preggy!
nonetheless, she's cute as a button and i like her!

ok, tag you're it!
i want to know who your favorite celebs are!!!


  1. Hmm ... I'm terrible when it comes to knowing celebrities. But I've always loved Angelina Jolie as for her work as an ambassador and because she is totally fine to have tons of kids (though lately she seems just kind of weird and my girl crush is fading.)

    Other than that ... hmmm. I like Amy Adams, Natalie Portman and that's about it. :)

  2. i agree with you about gerard butler. my oh my.

    and amy adams. she's adorable.

    and i love "Parenthood" such a good show!