Me Monday

hap-hap-happy monday.
it's here.
that dreaded first day of each work week.
why do we all hate it so much?

i have decided that we need something to spice up our mondays.
therefore, i have created "me monday".
that's right, each monday I will be posting lists of my favorite things.
and i want you to join in too!
soooo....a) read mine and b) write yours.
just leave a comment letting me know you're joining in and we can all hop over and visit you!
and just to make life easier for ya, i've listed the topics on my side bar.
and....if you all are nice and play along, i might try to conquer the mr. linky thingymabob to start linking over to your blogs.
so are ya in?
well i'm in, so this week's list is:
a lists of my favorite things to do in my home town

so if we're strictly talking about the exact town i live in, then that's marietta, ga.
i could go on and on about things to do in surrounding areas, so maybe i'll save that for another day.
today, i'm just going to focus on the great town of marietta.
i love this city.
and although i might be biased, i truly have not found a prettier city square.
i take a ton of photos for my clients at the square. see the picture below....it doesn't do it justice. there are just so many rustic alley ways and such. and there's always something going on there. a farmers market every saturday, festivals, taste of marietta, parades, car shows, etc.
and the shops are just fabulous! antiques, bakeries, novelty stores, and restaurants.

marietta is probably best known for the big chicken.
it is how we give directions to get to everything in the city.
if you don't know where the big chicken is, you don't know where anything is.
it's basically just a kfc with a giant chicken that moves its eyes and beak.
but it's a landmark.
and the sweet tea is good.

marietta has a ton of antique stores. i love them.
i actually went antiquing this past weekend. i love to look around and get inspired.

luckily we have a mall. and lately it's getting cooler and cooler stores. this makes shopping a breeze and well, i love to shop.

aside from shopping and the square, marietta has something else that i just absolutely love.
kennesaw mountain.
this mountain is where a portion of the civil war was fought.
it's a national park now, but it's beautiful.
and it's a real mountain with hiking trails to the top that are brutal on the legs. quite the workout.
recently, they've added a walking/biking trail that goes around the base of the mountain.
this a much flatter surface that i heart.
i love walking it! it's peaceful and a great workout.

needless to say, i love my hometown.
for realz.
there's a little bit of everything here....and its so picturesque (and we all know that's the way to my heart).

so please, tell me about your hometown!

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