Me Monday - Favorite Things To Eat

ok, so this week's topic is all about some grub!
which i know is totally ironic given all my posts about weight issues.
diet or no diet, i love a good meal.

here's a list of my faves:
  • cheese and jalopeno nachos from la parilla. mmm, mmm, mmm. and i love to dump a big bowl of salsa right on top too. call me crazy, but i love the texture the cheese gets with the acidity of the salsa breaks it down.
  • buffalo chicken sandwich - pretty much if it's on the menu, this is what i'm guaranteed to get. throw some blue cheese on there and i'm even better.
  • chick-fil-A - anywhere, anytime. enough said.
  • french fries in wing sauce. oh yes.
  • french onion soup from longhorn's - but i then pick out the onions. still yummy.
  • taco casserole from my own kitchen. oh how i love it.
  • i love our homemade fajitas. TASTY!
  • a new fave is the spinach and pasta vinaigerette from my own kitchen as well.

i am now officially starving for all of the above! haha. and from the looks of my first few items, it is truly no wonder i have a weight problem!

what are your favorite things to eat? go ahead and post on your blog about it.....and let me know so i can come visit!

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