Read Much?

for whatever reason, i've been on a book kick.
i keep buying them.
my goal this week is to actually sit down and read some of them.
Women, Food and God. This book is supposed to help me figure out the deeper issues of my eating habits/weight loss journey. We shall see...

As i've mentioned before, i've been thinking about seeing a life coach. yesterday i decided to buy one in a book. i'm really excited to start this one. like for real excited.

and then this one, Made To Crave, well, i'm really looking forward to this one too. I follow Lysa's blog and she always has some great insight. Not too long ago, she sent out some helpful scripture to read when having one of those bad food days. i don't know, there's just something that draws me in to doing this journey with God and making it about Him rather than going at it alone. After all, if i could succeed myself, i wouldn't still be on this journey binging on self help books!
i'm hoping that as i read through these that i will find some awesome stuff to share with you fine people.
also, here's my latest dilemma. i am looking for a daily devotional to assist me in a daily quiet time. however, i have not had any luck finding a good devo. either the books are for students, singles, or women - but most of the women devos deal with being a mother.
i just want one for busy women who are married with no kids. something i can identify with. so if any of you know if any......please please please share!

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