Reviews.....Good Ones!

it's finally friday.
woot woot!

over the last couple weeks, i've seen a couple movies, bought a couple cds and i think you all need to add them to your collections!

seriously that good.

first off, let's go to the movies.

No Strings Attached - a MUST see. oh my, it was sooo good. a total chick flick but oh so cute. and it helps when you have ashton kutcher to look at!

my favorite part of the whole movie - he makes her a period mix cd. it has songs like sunday bloody sunday, i've got the world on a string, bleeding love, etc. SO funny! i love it!

now for some tunes. ok, if you've not heard of the civil wars, you need to look them up. they're a country-folkish type feel....great chillin music. they're sound is awesome. you need this on your ipod. for realz.

and adele. oh my. her voice is stunning. i've seriously been looking at this cd for a couple years. i have no idea why i waited until last week to buy it but i seriously love it. LOVE it! and she's got a new album coming out this month that i'll definitely be buying. her first single from it is out and i'm hooked!

now here are a couple individual songs that i'm loving. matt maher's hold us together is AHHHMAZING! amazing i say! love it to the nth degree!

and then chris august has a song called starry night that i'm obsessing over.

well i hope that leaves you with a few things to explore this weekend! if you check it out, please let me know your thoughts on all these!
later homies.


  1. Good music picks! I like Adele, I don't have the CD yet either but I always like her songs... maybe I should finally buy them :) Although the No Strings Attached movie doesn't seem like my kind of movie, too much 'trash' it, for my liking anyways.

    Here's to a great weekend =)

  2. Love Adele! Never heard of Civil Wars––but just downloaded three songs! and I would have to say, I'm obsessed with Starry Night as well...

    You have impeccable music taste ;) Thanks for sharing