Happy Tuesday!
So, our big move occurs tomorrow! 9am!
Super excited and ready for it to be done!
Chris and I spent the night at the new place on Saturday....you know to get a couple extra hours of sleep. We stayed on an air mattress in the living room. Now, not sure if you've seen us, but we're not exactly light weights.
The air mattress was quite the experience.
See, we forgot a sheet to go on it.
And the top was velour, so we kept sticking to it.
So Chris tossed and turned all night. And every time he did, he would throw his whole body up and flop around like a fish out of water.
Needless to say, that about threw me off completely a couple times. It felt like I was in the wave pool at a water park.
So in an effort to sleep in an extra hour, I, in all reality, got no sleep at all.
But we love the new place. For realz.

Last night we went to see Hillsong United at their Aftermath tour.
Like seriously amazing.
If they're coming to your city, you need to go.
The title track to their new CD, Aftermath is a fabulous song. It's all about how we're found in the aftermath of the cross. Fabulous.

And I felt the title was appropriate since I'm about to be in the aftermath of a move!

Here we are having a little pre-show fun.

Last night while waiting for the show, I got a little emotional. I didn't cry, but my heart was happy.
Happy because I'm just so thankful that I married someone who is passionately in love with Jesus. I'm thankful that our idea of an awesome night is worship. So many people don't understand that and think that worship is some backwoods country church thing. But it's so not.
Not at all.
It's amazing.
And to be able to have full comfort to worship God with all my might in front of my hubby is just plain awesome.

Moving on, I think I'm going to use Lent to my advantage this year.
I don't practice it. Our church doesn't really focus on it at all.
However, my friend was talking about using it as a starting point and goal marker for a new diet plan.
So tomorrow I will begin the nutritional straight and narrow with Easter as my goal. Hopefully in 40 days (that's when Easter is) I'll have created a ritual/routine that will become part of my lifestyle and then I can set another mile marker. We shall see how it goes!

I attempted yoga for the first time Friday.
Not pretty at all.
Not one bit.
I mean this lady totally folded into herself and she wants me to touch my nose to my knees?!
It was a bit hilarious.
Not to mention distractions of Chris making faces and the cats.
OMG the cats! Molly thought it would be a fun time to attack my feet, climb the entertainment center, etc, etc, etc. So needless to say, I totally missed the point of relaxation.
So now my routine for this will have to include me locked in a room...or the cats locked up somewhere and Chris out of the house!
He says he's gonna try it with me.
Now that should be interesting!

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  1. Hahah oh the air mattress. My favorite is when you finally get comfortable and fall asleep, it has complete deflated.

    Im so happy for you guys! Its good to hear you are both so happy.

    And all you need is 21 days for something to become a habit.