The Deets.....

Ok, now that I have a second, let me fill you in!

First of all, yesterdays post title was You Are Bigger Than We Let You Be.
That's a line from a worship song that I'm super loving right now. It's from Newspring Church in SC. They have a CD. It's awesome.

Anyway, the line from that song so speaks to me right now. We put so many limits on God and I think we limit our faith in Him as well. He's bigger than that. SO much bigger. And that has become more evident to me over the last few months.

See, Chris wasn't looking for a new job. It just kind of fell in our laps. Remember when I told you how our life had come full circle? Well it really has. Chris is absolutely loving the new job. He's never had such creative freedom and that's something he's been craving. He is now the Visual Arts Director at Crossroads Church. And I seriously love this church! Haven't been able to say that in a while.

But anyway, God has just created this opportunity for us and everything is falling into place so inexplicably awesome. Yes, I only have a week to pack, but we've done it before!

The apartment we got just kind of happened too. Chris went to look at them Monday (we weren't planning on moving until the summer) and of course the rent was cheaper that we thought and if we moved in in March, we got $300 off the first month's rent! Um, yes please.
AND the apartment provides a washer and dryer. And a dishwasher....I'm so excited for a dishwasher! I hate hand washing dishes! And let's not forget that the water is a flat rate of $20 per month. I seriously can do as many dishes and loads of laundry as I want! And long showers. Not that I take long showers. There are just so many little hints of God's handiwork all over this right now and it's awesome!

So of course, with a new move, comes a new decor! I'll be sure to post pictures as we go along. Definitely including teal in the dining room and turquoise and black in the bedroom. That's as far as I've got. ;)

So all in all.....YAY!

Oh and also, I had my first photo shoot for my nonprofit last week. I'll post pics soon....I'm so behind on that right now! If you're on facebook, search for I See Love Foundation and become a fan!!!!!

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