circle of life.

how many of you now have the "circle of life" song from Lion King in your head now?
if you didn't before, bet you do now!

ok, so in my post yesterday i mentioned how life has come full circle for us.
it's funny, because about this time last year i wrote a post dedicated to circles.
i'm sensing a theme.

anyway, with the new job that chris has taken, it has brought us back to the same people and area as our first year of marriage.
this has been a god ordained plan in the making for 6 years.

allow me to explain. and please, try to keep up.

above, in the picture, is the brief version.
when chris and i got married we moved way out to R-town. now this was about an hour from our families, but we moved there to work at a church. that didn't go so well, so when we left that church, we started attending another random church during our healing process. through that we met some pretty cool people. chris and carson, one of the guys, started a band....now that's a whole other story in itself! anyway, the band thing didn't work out, but through carson, chris met brian. as we moved on in life, chris and brian stayed in touch. they had talked about the possibility of working together for years. well, just in the last few months, the opportunity presented itself and chris and brian are now working at the same church. however, this church brings us back to the same area of town where we started.

isn't that amazing?

i think it's something special. i mean seriously, what are the chances?

i truly feel, and hope with all that's in me, that this is where we'll stay and settle. i love the new church. i love how god brought us there. i love how god never ceases to amaze me and how intricately he has woven our lives.

it's a good thing.

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