Is Marriage Sacred Anymore?

little girls all over america grow up with the dream of happily ever after.
i guess we have walt disney to thank for most of that.
but i mean seriously we're raised with the illusion that our prince charming will come sweeping in on his white horse, provide you with a fabulous castle, and you will live happily ever after as royalty for the rest of your life.
after all, every little girl is a princess right?

but then as we get older, we realize that life isn't quite a fairy tale.
there is no castle.
no horse.
no royal life.

but we learn about the true prince charming, jesus, and the happiness he truly can offer for ever after.
and when we're lucky enough to find our own prince charming that loves him some jesus, well then we've hit the jackpot.

what i'm seeing more and more though, is a society that has made it far too easy to give up, slip up, mess up and walk out.

i heard a story this weekend of a pastor (who's church we used to attend) who had a two year affair with his assistant.
at what point in two years do you not realize it's wrong and that you should seek help?
at what point as a pastor, or anyone for that matter, do the vows you spoke no longer matter?

whatever happened to the promise behind the vows?

every day i hear stories of heartache and sadness over broken marriages and broken homes.
and that breaks my heart.
especially when it's those that love them some jesus.
can it really fall apart so quickly?

here's the thing....we're all human.
we all screw up.
but seriously, what happened to the willingness and "want to" to make your marriage work?

when i got married i was in for a wake up call.
marriage is not a disney fairy tale.
it's another full time job that requires you to be all in.
it's not 50/50. it's each person putting in 100%. 50/50 doesn't cut it.

there are days that i get so angry with chris that i want to take a baseball bat to him and beat him like a rag-doll (usually over issues such as laundry, cleanliness, laundry).
but at the end of the day, he has my heart.
he has my promise.
and that's a promise that i'm not going anywhere.
and i know i have his.

maybe my outlook is a little different.

i just really wonder where the sanctity of marriage drifted off to.
when did it become more of a fad than a commitment?


  1. this is such a great post and so true. it is so sad seeing all of the marriages ending in divorce nowadays rather than even trying to work it out! i agree :) a commitment can be a beautiful thing!


  2. this is great. :)

    i like your blog.

  3. You pretty much summed it up with: " give up, slip up, mess up and walk out." That is so true! People would rather not work out their issues and just walk away and get divorced! Society has made divorce so easy and it has been normalized.

    I think it starts with the reason why 2 people get married, a lot of people do not fully understand marriage and what vows mean so they enter into it without a clue. It's so sad!

    I can honestly say my husband is my Prince Charming (my Lord & Savior is always first though) we do not have a perfect marriage by any means, we argue over the petty stuff but I wouldn't have it any other way. Reality is, that marriage is HARD, it takes a lot of work and so many people walk out when it gets tough.

    If people understand what marriage means before entering it and then have a realistic understanding thereafter, then things seem to work out much better. I am full of flaws and my prince charming is full of flaws, but this our fairy tale :)

  4. Couldn't have said it better! Marriage is hard . . . really hard, but making it through the hard times is what builds the relationship. Angelo has been through more with me than anyone. He is my best friend. So many people get married expecting the "emotion" of being "in love" to never fade or go away . . . but marriage & love is not the emotion. Emotion comes and goes, it ebbs and flows, but love is the decision & promise I made . . . that doesn't change, even when I feel like taking a baseball bat to him and beating him like a rag doll. :)