Operation Bootylicious

What up peeps?!
I've decided this whole little weight loss journey needs a name.
Yep, that's right....I think it shall be called "Operation Bootylicious".
Yes, I like it.

I'm also pretty sure I'm going to set up a page header on the bloggy blog here to post all things related to this "journey" of mine. I'm really pretty pumped about things changing.

Tonight I attempted Pilates.
Loved it.
And oh my what a burn!!!

Sidenote: i think i need to add to my bio the love I have for exclamation marks.

Anywho, the new workout schedule has been established.
Tues/Thurs is water aerobics and Wednesday is cardio kickboxing.
SO excited.

And that's all I have for this lame-o blog post tonight.
LT - out.


  1. Im glad you are loving it. And Im glad you like pilates. I tried it and we dont really have a good relationship. Gave me headaches.

    Look at you cardio kickboxer...youre a better woman than I

  2. Good luck! Feel free to give me a holler if "Operation Bootilicious" ever has you feeling like crying or pulling your hair out. I just passed the 3 month mark and know there are moments you just gotta scream, cry, pitch a tantrum and get it all out to move on!!! :) I found that I have somehow surrounded myself with people who seem to understand that . . . be more than happy to be that for you if it is ever needed. LOL! Love ya, LT!!! (oh, and don't worry I have a think for the triple dot . . . you know to show you had a pause in your thought process. LOL!)