Well On My Weigh

Clever little blog title isn't it?
Came up with it all on my own. I'm brilliant like that ;)

So I'm on the way to breaking free from my "shackles".
Yesterday I joined LA Fitness with my buddy Ashby. She and I work together and are planning to take about 3 classes per week right after work. I really feel like this will work out well since we don't have time to go home and get distracted from working out.

This morning we jump started our efforts with Aqua Fit a.k.a water aerobics.
Let me just say, I had NO idea, and I do mean NO idea that water aerobics was such a workout.
For realz.
This said workout occurred at 9am. It is now 5:30pm and my arms are still like noodles.
The instructor did have sexy arms, so I am in full hopes that mine will get to that point as well.
I'm super excited!
And I'm pumped because I'm actually doing something...not just talking about it.
Whoot whoot!
Monday afternoon is Kickboxing Cardio. We'll see if I survive....

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