Back To Life

alrighty peeps, let's face it.
i've been MIA for a couple of months really.
i do apologize.
may day job has been ridiculously busy in a fierce way!
but, after tomorrow, i'm thinking things should slow down an bit!

however, as a result of my blogging absence, i have quite a bit to catch up on....
so i'm gonna do it over a series of posts!
i figure that's one way to get back in the swing of things! LOL!

so let's go back to april 16th.
i photographed a birthday party with a petting zoo. of course there are more photos to come, but this one was just too cute!

and then, i photographed one of my most favorite repeat clients, shiloh. she's heading into the modeling industry!

and THEN.....
a few of the ladies in my family all got together for an outing slash surprise birthday party for my cousin. we all met at the ok cafe for dinner.....

and then took a group shot...

and then we headed to Atlanta to see Menopause the Musical!
now granted, i was by far the youngest person in attendance at said musical, but i must say it was quite hysterical! so funny! i highly recommend that you see it if it's playing near you.
while waiting for the show to start they played all oldies music. i absolutely LOVED seeing my grandmother, aunts and cousins all reminiscing and singing along. i mean seriously, this could have been the most fun i've had in a long time. kind of makes me long for the kind of life lived 50 years ago.
it was truly a different world. life was simple, yet completely fulfilled.
in this day and time, you can never get enough.
sometimes i really feel i was born in the wrong era!

well that's all for back to life part 1!

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