Some of My Very Favorite Things

life is funny. it has a funny way of sweeping you a way and getting you lost in the everyday.
but then there are certain things, moments that make you inexplicably happy.
it kind of makes the world stop for a minute and you can simply......enjoy.
and they're those kind of memories and moments that you want to savor - never forget.

and the same thing happens with marriage.
you get comfortable.
you get caught up in the busyness of life.
and then...then there are those special moments that bring back the butterflies in your stomach the giddiness in your life.

today i was thinking about this.
there are a few things that chris and i have that from the outside, sound so dumb, but they are absolutely some of my absolute favorite things about the marriage we have.
and so i thought i'd share them.
mainly for the simple fact that i'll have this in writing to look back on ;)...but to encourage you also to find your happiness in the small things.

every year on christmas eve, chris and i eat dinner at the waffle house and we always leave a big tip. it's literally part of our christmas budget. it started our first year of marriage - we lived about an hour from our family and with all the traveling we did on that day, it was super later before we actually got to eat and it was the only thing open. from then on, it was a tradition. i love it so much...so simple, yet so us.

this past christmas we were on our way home on christmas day to get ready to head to the next family gathering. we happened to drive by a starbucks and saw they were open so we stopped and got coffee. now it is very rare that we go to starbucks. and i don't know, there was seriously just something magical about going to starbucks christmas morning in our pjs. we decided right then and there we would add it to our christmas tradition.

now something that is super exciting is that it's almost college football season! goooooo dawgs!
we got really in to college football a few years ago and it is absolutely one of my favorite things that we do together. i love that our saturdays revolve around a football game. i can't explain it in the least, but it makes my heart so super happy.

you see, to the everyday person, this isn't anything to write home about.
but for me, for my heart, it's shear bliss!

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  1. Thanks for this. You two sound like you have a lot of fun together. I love the Waffle House thing!
    My hubs and I have no "big" hobbies we do together and I'm always wanting one...but we have so many little things/quirks that make us *us* and I needed the reminder to focus on those things.:) So thanks!