Birthday Love...early!

Chris and I have a serious problem.
You see, we have never been good at holding gifts.
Meaning that unless we purchase something literally the day before or day of a holiday/event, we will cave in and give presents early.
I can honestly say that we've never had presents from each other to open on Christmas because we can't contain ourselves.
So, being as my birthday is Tuesday, of course he couldn't hold presents for another week! Last night he gave me my goodies and boy were they goody!
I've been in love with Vera's new perfume Lovestruck. (I avoided writing Vera Wang because I like to think she and I are secretly friends and on a first name basis!)
Anyway it smells lovely and I now smell lovelier!
Next he got me some lens bracelets...they look like the tops of camera lenses. Awesomeness!
And last I got a mug that looks like a camera lens! I shall bow wear my bracelets and take my mug to every photo session. I now have super powers and am a force to be reckoned with!
Good job hubby!

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