Party Greatness

So a couple of weeks ago, my dear hubby turned the big 3-0!
And to embrace this new decade of life, we had a little outdoor bonfire party.
A HUGE THANK YOU to our buddies the Hollands who let us use their property for the party.
It was just beautiful. 
And of course, I wanted to share some photos with you - 
a) because I loved it and 
b) because I'm overly excited about my budget decor, so read all the way through!

I set up a picnic table with all of the food. Pumpkins were on sale for like $1.88 a piece, so I got a couple for the centerpiece with the balloons.

See those little two teal baskets? 2/$1 at the dollar store. I'm in love! They are currently being put to use in organizing granola bars in my kitchen!

 This was the entrance to the field where we had the party. I just love this picture! And what you can't really see is that we had tiki torches lining the drive in. Awesomeness!

I just can't get enough of balloon pictures as you can tell.

Me and the birthday boy!

And then the birthday boy himself!

Ok, now for my favorite part....my little bouquets! I had one on each end of the table.....grand total for both = $8!
I got everything for them from the Dollar Tree. Love me some Dollar Tree.

So 2 vases, 2 bags of glass rocks, 2 sets of orange flowers and 2 sets of the straw. $8.00.
Isn't it pretty???? Doesn't it just make you think of something you'd find on Pinterest? By the way, if you're not already following me on pinterest, click the button under my profile pic here on the blog!

Ok back to the party.....cornhole. Have you ever played cornhole? It's really quite fun.

Ummm, so I messed up the settings on my camera momentarily and created this (unintentionally) and I just love it!

And this one too! See Chris' new head lamp!
He's holding up a box of moustache bandaids that our friends got him. Too funny!

And then they got him a bubble pipe!

Here's our friend Eric with his manly pipe and Chris with his bubble pipe.

Several weeks ago Chris tried to smoke a pipe .... twice actually. Turns out he had an allergic reaction which caused his tongue and lips to swell up huge for days! Here's what that looked like:

So the bubble pipe was to poke fun at him. LOVE it!


  1. What a perfect party!! You did an amazing job!

  2. lovely decor! And i love that picture of chris' swollen lips! (Glad he's ok but it cracks me up!!)