Bubbly Beard Has Arrived!

First off, let me say this is my 500th blog post!!!
Anyone else amazed that I've had enough to talk about for 500 posts?!?!?

I've got some exciting things happening and I thought my 500th post was the most perfect launch pad!
So, I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but we're totally revamping my photography business.
We're moving towards an edgier, cooler, more creative style. I'm just ready to take it to the next level.
And with that, we've changed the name to BubblyBeard Creative Storytellers.
We've got photos.
We've got video.
And we've got a blog!
The logo is pretty cute too - if I say so myself. You might recognize the people. haha!


So, I encourage you strongly to........
Most of you have been following me since I started my business a little over 3 years ago....so this is a rather exciting venture for me to share with you! Thanks so much for all of you followers. ALL of you!

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