1 year + 5 months + 2 Weeks =...

....yes, that equals my 30th birthday.
just kind of hit me today that 30 is quickly approaching.
and we know what that means.

it's time to review my progress on my 30 before 30 list.
let me brace you...it's not pretty.
not at all.

and so here we are.
the 'X's are from the last time I updated this.
since then, i can also mark off the following:
  • i have indeed taken more pics of me and chris
  • we have date night every week
  • we've gone a week without tv
  • and i hosted a tea party baby shower, so does that count as having a tea party?
  • I've lost 30 pounds, so just another 50 to go. that's doable.
so that leaves 22 1/2 items to complete in 1 year, 5 months and 2 weeks.
the tattoo has been decided and will happen in the next month.
i'm pretty sure europe isn't going to happen by 30. but maybe for our 10 year anniversary.
also pretty sure college isn't going to be finished by 30 either.
i'm desperately working on the baby making, but that one's really out of my control.
everything else - really no excuse for it not to happen.
so i've got to kick into overdrive!

here's to life before 30!


  1. uhh you ran a 5k!

    You can easily buy a hip hop...cd? What are those?

    Tis the season for gardens. I am going to start planning a small herb gardenfor my patio. I love fresh herbs!

  2. These are excellent! I am NOT a jogger. I wish I was! Why is weight loss so hard? I've been stuck for TOO long!