Simply Saturday

Saturdays are by far, usually, one of our busiest days. With Chris working on Sundays at church (that's a 7 hour stint), Saturday seems to be where we pack in our weekend.

However, this weekend we managed to not have anything planned today.
So we just went as we pleased.
We started with lunch at our most favorite pizza place and had conversations about the daydream of our future.

Then we hit up HomeGoods. Oh my. This place gets me every time.
I'll take one of everything please!
Today my heart was pitter pattering over huge lanterns and glass jars. Neither one related to the other.
I left with nothing.

But then we went and got me a Kindle.
Super excited about this.
See, we just got a new iPad and Chris promised to share so I could use the Kindle app.
I've been asking for a Kindle for a year.
But no, the iPad would be better.
Hmm. Well the iPad would be great if Chris shared, but he's not a sharer.
And the thought of him going a day without the iPad almost shattered him.
So now we're both happy.....I think.

We finished the day off with a trip to the Walmart for some new cleaning supplies (I seriously love cleaning supplies)!

And then......a surprise trip to the driving range.
Now, I've never hit a golf ball in my life.
Until today.
I did pretty good....I got air a couple of times!

Back in the day, Chris gave golf lessons. So he tried to use his old tricks on me.
We don't work well together when teaching one another.
At one point I threatened to pummel him to death with the golf club.
But we persevered and survived!

I think it might be a new hobby for us. We literally live right down the road from a golf course and it was only $10 total. That's a cheap date!

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  1. Wait Chris gave lessons???? Matt is trying so hard to learn how to properly play golf. Ok this may have to be a double date idea AND fall under our I Love Atlanta project.

    And FINALLY next weekend I have something for that....and how funny that it doesnt orginiate from Atlanta, but now that its here it must be visited