Mother's Day Is Coming

Sunday is Mother's Day.
For the past 5 years, it has been my least favorite holiday.
I usually stay at home and don't leave for anything.
It's like my one day a year to grieve with no other thoughts.
To just spend the day in mourning.
And, well, I kind of feel like 5 years is enough, and that just maybe, this 6th year, I might try something different.

You see, my mom has been hanging out with Jesus since May of 2006.
She passed away the week before mother's day, so you can understand my hatred for the day.
While planning my mother's funeral, everything in life was bombarded with "great mom mother's day" ads.
And mine was gone.
And since mine was gone, I didn't want anyone else to have one.

Funny how selfish we can be sometimes.
However, I think your mom is something worth being selfish over.
I mean seriously....she was my very best friend in the whole wide world.
So not only did I lose my mom, I lost my best friend and a part of me.
I was forever changed.
My "normal" was forever changed.
After her funeral, everyone else's life went back to normal.
And 6 years later, mine never has.

But this year.
This year I don't want to wallow.
This year, I want to celebrate.
Celebrate her, and how awesome she was.
Celebrate how she loved me like no other.
Celebrate our memories.
Celebrate her smile, her hugs, her laugh...

Maybe, just maybe, this year I'll finally start my scrapbook of Mom.
It's time for a new chapter.

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