Dinner Time - Come And Get It!

i'm on a mission peeps.
a mission to create quick dinners that are healthy and whole and less processed.
and it can be done!
i love experimenting with things in the kitchen, but i have a 30 minute max. that's 30 minutes from start of prep to dinner on the table. if i find a recipe that takes longer than that, it's usually overlooked or reserved for very special occasions.

as part of my new adventure to eat cleaner, we've changed our purchasing routine of meat and veggies.
this weekend we bought some ground beef at the farmers market.
we were so excited to try them and taste the difference between that and store bought meat.
so, what better way to try than with some burgers?

we're weird and eat A1(i know, not a whole natural food, but it's just darn good) and ranch dressing with our burgers. the best way to go!
i tried my hand at making some ranch dressing from scratch, and um, it was the best stuff we've ever tasted! i mixed some low fat mayo, buttermilk, garlic powder, dill weed, parsley, chives (all dried and in the spice cabinet), and a little salt and fresh ground pepper.
seriously y'all, there is never ever a need to buy it store-bought again. deeee-licious.

and for the beef verdict:

quite possibly the most wonderful burger i've ever had.
fo realio.
the meat just fell apart in your mouth.
i'm quite positive that i will never buy ground beef in the store again.
as for seasoning, i just crushed a clove of garlic, added some fresh ground pepper, a lil' salt and a few dashes of low sodium worcestershire sauce. made some patties and threw it on the grill.

chris had some grilled mushrooms and onions to top his. i'm not a fan of all that on a burger, but he was in burger heaven.

it amazes me the difference in what fresh, less processed meat tastes like. when the taste is that drastic, why would you buy the stuff in the stores with all their fillers and chemicals?
next on the list - fresh farmers market chicken. they were out this weekend or we would have bought some.

this little adventure of mine could become dangerous.
watch out...i just might become a hippie! Lol!!!


  1. When i can expect my invite for dinner? I would like a burger with mushrooms and anything with homemade ranch please.

  2. new follower here! hi! can i just say that burger looks amazing?! do you have the recipe for the ranch dressing too? it all sounds so good!