Sprouting Out

it's no secret that i love to cook.
and the last few years, i have been branching out quite a bit.
totally out of character for me.

the past few weeks i've really been wanting to try brussels sprouts.
i'm not sure why.
i've never had them.
and like most things green, i've always assumed that i hated them.
i am, however, finding that i like a lot of lovely green things!

so the menu:
chicken ranch on the grill
grilled brussels sprouts on skewers
garlic bread

now of course i was so excited to tell chris what was for dinner...and well...he wasn't equally as excited.
i had really high hopes for this meal.
like it was going to broaden my horizons and i would suddenly be quite fond of the sprouts.
at least that's what was happening to everyone else that i found while researching how to cook said sprouts on google.

these were small, so i blanched them for 1 minute in boiling water before skewering for the grill.
after blanching, i drained and then tossed them in olive oil, kosher salt, fresh pressed garlic and fresh ground black pepper. yum.
and then i threw them on some skewers and grilled for 10 minutes, brushing them a few times with parmesan butter.
and voila...

now i have to say, i thought they were quite tasty.
especially the ones with charred leaves.

chris had a bit of a different take on them.
it was discovered last night that he was forced to eat cabbage as a child and he hated it.
and so the sprouts being cabbage...well they reminded him of those fond childhood memories.
he hated it.
and it was settled that brussels sprouts would never again be a side dish for dinner.
sad face.
i'll just have to make them when he's not here! ;)

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  1. Mjammie! Love sprouts. We eat them cooked with satay sauce over them.