Gray or Grey

i've had a love affair with gray clothing for as long as i can remember.
gray socks...oh my, those are my absolute most favorite thing in the world.
gray lounge pants....something about the gray just makes it more comfy.

my head is a screwed up place to be.
i know this.
just follow. or try to.

sidenote: what is the difference between gray and grey? i don't think there is one...at least i can't find a difference in the dictionary.

i love it. i can't help it.
and on pinterest lately, there has been a whole slew of pretty awesome outfits in gray/grey.
this makes my heart happy on an enormous level.
and so my fashion board in pinterest is being taken over by these lovelies.
i only saw it fitting to share this happiness with you all.
seriously, what's not to love?
i want every single one of these. i need them.
this still gives me 2 days a week for additional color.
speaking of color, there are infinite possibilities for color accessories with gray! it's like the new black!
teal, red, yellow, pink, black, green, white, purple.....i could go on and on.
let the love affair begin!


  1. I have some cute new gray bags in the new Thirty-One catalog! Want me to mail you one?

  2. Love gray!! Those striped wedges are WAY cute!