Won't You Be My Neighbor?

life was such a perfect little place in mr. rogers' world.
i mean honestly, you hopped on a little train and visited all of your friends around town.

complete sidenote: i was appalled to learn that my sister in law has no clue who mr. rogers is. it's a sad day we live in folks. or i'm just getting old.

i'm not gonna lie, it's a little lonely here in the great state of texas.
part of this is because i don't leave my house all day.
i work from home, so there's no interaction.

and poor chris.
he works and talks all day so he just wants to chill when he gets home, and well i haven't talked to anything other than cats, so i want to talk and do stuff.

needless to say this is quite the transition.
we've been here a month - it's got to get better right?

i want it to be like mr. rogers' world where all things are happy and people are happy to be your neighbor.

i'm learning that it is very difficult to meet new friends in a new town.
this is going to require me to get waaaay out of my comfort zone.
like go to totally random things not knowing a single soul.
so i guess that means i should find a hobby club or something.
oh gosh, i sound like a senior citizen.
maybe i'll take up quilting.

i am going to a dallas bloggers meet and greet painting party in a couple of weeks, so there's one step!

i need to be doing something....for me and for jesus.
unpacking boxes and doing laundry and cooking....well that's not exactly helping out the kingdom of god.
i currently feel like a rather useless human being and that's not something i enjoy in the least.
so the time has come to google some clubs and club hop for a while.
ahahaha....all i can picture are girl scouts and senior groups! are there even clubs these days?

BUT as whiney as all that was, i can say that i feel like i have some direction.
quiet time is sooo important.
quite frankly i've sucked at it lately.
but i'm trying to get better.
yesterday morning i took my bible and sat on the porch for a while.
i read a few chapters and then started journaling. writing to god - just about things in general...not even about what i had just read.  and then it turned into a plea for direction in this new life of mine. a plea for him to make me more like him.  and i swear it was like god was speaking to my heart and revealing things as i journaled.
he took me back to my senior year of high school, where a sequence of events resulted in me having zero friends. none.
i went to school everyday and came home - no friends.
just me and mom.
but what i can say is during that time, i got closer to god than ever before.
so while it was lonely, it was an awesome experience as well.
and so here i am.
lonely again. with few friends.
so why not use this as an opportunity to grow spiritually and get myself healthier physically?
well, that's just what i'm going to do.
this is an opportunity for me to invest in me and get some of my own issues straightened out - you know, with god. because apparently i get distracted and need to be reigned in...and well god obviously thinks that needs to be accomplished by stripping every distraction away from me. haha.
but after all that, i'm feeling much better about this here situation i'm in.
i'm actually excited about it. i'm excited to spend time with jesus and let him transform me.
it's a new season. i guess i'm like the caterpillar in the cocoon. i'm wrapped up in jesus and hidden until he's ready to let me spread my wings.

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  1. I love the "caterpillar in the cocoon" analogy. God transforms! I like the positive attitude you're reaching for in such a new situation. I hear you about meeting new folks being out of one's comfort zone!