10 Days and Counting

y'all....10 days until my birthday!
i love birthdays.
i think they should be done big.
it's the one day of the year all about a person...a day to celebrate them and love them.

i have lots of weird rules for my birthday for chris.
any presents must be given upon waking up and before one of us leaves for work. this proves that it was a thought out gift and not an "oh crap it's her birthday" moment.
it's really not even about the gift itself...it's about being celebrated.
heck, give me no gifts but shower my house in balloons...and that's a great day!

Source: theberry.com via Molly on Pinterest

i'm strange. this is nothing new to me.

but i think everyone should take that one day of the year, that's all about you, and really treat yourself special. so often throughout the year, we tend to get so down on ourselves for various reasons. we're too fat, we're not happy, we weren't nice, etc.
so take your birthday and reflect on you. the good things about you. and learn to love you.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of birthdays too. And are you sure that the reason you have to open presents first thing in the morning isn't because having to wait all day would be torturous? That's my reason. I also never give my husband or anyone the opportunity to accidentally forget that my birthday was coming since I'm typically skipping around singing, "My birthday is almost here" for about a month before the day. That's not excessive, is it?

    1. I don't think that is excessive at all! ;)

  2. I LOVE Birthday's too! New follower from the "Monday Meetup"
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