since it's september and all, and you know, it's my birthday month, september on the blog will be filled with all of my favorite things.
can i get a what what?

so let's start with labradoodles.
i love them.
i've wanted one for years.
they are a mix between a poodle and a labrador. 
all the great qualities of each - in one.
both breeds are super intelligent.
they don't really shed and are great for people with allergies.
check, check.

and yesterday, chris and i made an uber spontaneous decision to get one.
***let it be known that every year i vow to increase my spontaneity. i suck at decision making and so if it requires thought, i usually give up because i can't decide. this here experience checks my spontaneity goal off the list for this year!***
we found a breeder that had 3 left and had dropped the price.
it was an unheard of deal.
so we got some cash, hopped in the car and headed to atoka, ok!
yes, we drove to oklahoma to get our new boy!
it was only a 2 hour drive. ;)

we knew that all 3 the breeder had were males...two beige and 1 black.
we waited until we got there to make our decision.
they were all precious.
but the black one, he just had something special.
so we took him!
happy birthday to us!

yes, you see that correctly. chris totally made me sit in the back seat.
but much to his dismay, our little wallace wanted me.
so we pulled over so i could get back up front.

look how handsome he is!
chris has a goal for this little one.
wallace must grow a beard, and then we will groom his face so that it matches chris.
we apparently are those people.

he's such a good dog. 
the breeder had been working with him on sitting and fetching, so we've had lots of fun.
he's very well behaved and slept in his crate all night with no whining last night!

the cats, however, are a different story.
they aren't too thrilled at the moment.
jackson has spent the last 12 hours growling, but will not let wallace out of his sight.
molly has been in secret hiding.
this transition might take a little time.

wallace should grow to be between 50-70 pounds which is perfect for us.
we like bigger dogs.
and since i'm home all day, it will make life a bit more interesting for me.
down the street we have an awesome park and dog park, so when he gets a little bigger, we will have lots of park fun.

chris is completely smitten with the little fellow.
it's quite precious.

what are your favorite types of dogs?

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  1. I love my furbabies, too. We have 2 labs one of which is a puppy so we've been through the crate training stage and the excitement that comes from hearing no whining at night. Score one for you!!! Our cat wasn't too thrilled either, and Liberty (our newest addition) has quickly found not to mess with the kitty too much although I will catch the cat rubbing up against the puppy at times. It's always fun and quite a chore to add a new addition to the home. Congratulations on your new addition. He is adorable!!!