25 for 29

y'all....it's september! do you know what this means????
college football - heck yeah!
my birthday!
hubbs' birthday!
the official start of fall!

and this is why september is my favorite!
so in honor of, well, me since my birthday is in 13 days, i decided i would start the month off with a post all about....you guessed it - me!

the last couple of days i've seen a few blogs doing a list of 25 things about themselves.
and well i do love to talk about me - just kidding folks.
but i do love a list.
so here it goes:

1. in 13 days, i will officially be in the last year of my twenties. yikes!
2. i've been married almost 8 years (in november) to the love of my life.
3. i'm a photographer. love it with all that's in me.
4. jesus is my bff.
5. i love, love, love exclamation points!
6. hydrangeas and peonies are my all time favorite flowers.
7. i have an obsession with all things french. it's a problem.
8. i despise the taste of cilantro. yuck! in fact, i judge mexican restaurants on whether or not their salsa contains cilantro.
9. i didn't meet my dad or my brothers until i was 19.
10. teal is my most favorite color. it literally brings sheer happiness.
11. i'm an over achiever.
12. i judge books by their cover.
13. my dream vacation would be a european tour including france, scotland and italy.
14. i love me some college football. goooooo dawgs!
15. i love authentic people. does my heart good.
16. laughter really is the best medicine. i love to laugh.
17. my heart overflows with joy after a good heart to heart convo.
18. i truly believe i could live on bread alone.
19. i have an obsession with lists. i love a to-do list. in fact, i'll put things i've already done, on the list just so i can mark them off.
20. diy and crafting - yes please.
21. i like a relatively clutter free house, but i love the looks of antique stores which are overly cluttered.
22. i have a love affair with cardigans. hubs has tried for years to break my habit, but it can't be done.
23. i hate cake. but i love brownies and cookies. and ice cream. mmmm.
24. i get a complete new hair style with every big change in my life (yes i've already picked out my new style).
25. i'm dying to get my nose pierced...which will happen for my birthday. oh and a new tattoo as well.

well there you have it friends.
what's 25 things about you?


  1. Your #8 ....fresh cilantro gives me an instant headache (weird I know!). I avoid it!
    Your #13....love this & all those are on my list of places to travel.

    New follower from the blog hop.


  2. Love it! I also could totally live on bread and I am so with you on #12!