Am I Really Crazy?

Over at the Vintage Apple today, there's a link up about silly little quirks we all have that could make us a little crazy. And well I have so many of them, I just couldn't resist joining in!

  • I love chili, but I don't like any of the stuff in it. So basically I make it with all the stuff (ground beef, tomatoes, etc.) but make it a little soupy. Then after it's all cooked, I strain it and eat only the soup. Basically it's like a Mexican tomoato soup I guess.
  • If I'm home alone at night, I refuse to go in other rooms of my house if there is not a light on.
  • I have a severe addiction to chapstick. I absolutely cannot go to sleep without my lips being fully caked with some sort of chapstick.
  • I'm a bit ridiculous when it comes to my food. I have so many weird quirks on that...we could be here all day. For instance, I can only eat burgers on burger buns. If any other bread is the only option, well I just can't do it.
  • Towels have to be folded a certain way in my house. It absolutely drives me insane if not.
  • All of my cash bills have to be in order and turned the same way. I can't stand it when I get cash back and the bills are not all facing the same way.
Does that make me crazy?


  1. Not crazy at all (at least not by my standards)! I need my cash in order, too, and also have a particular way of folding my towels. Same with my husband's undershirts... I fold them a certain way every time, but when I go into the drawer to put clean ones away I find ones he's decided against wearing and folded completely differently (or not at all). Drives me nuts! Haha.

  2. My mom was the same way with towels!!!! I guess maybe that's why I don't care how my towels are folded now?? And I don't think you are crazy!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  3. Too funny! I said the same thing about my dollars on my "does this make me crazy" post. And I'm the same way with towels. I have a very specific way of doing them and you even have to fold it so that tag is on the innermost fold. Yep, I'm crazy, lol