Love and Respect

a few weeks ago, i joined a ladies bible study at church. the study is called "for women only" and is basically about making changes within us to be better wives/companions.
i tend to have a mouth on me when i get mad, so i figured this might be good for me.
i mean honestly, who doesn't need a little change?

during the study, our teacher mentioned the book "love and respect" and how it makes great marriages greater and weak marriages stronger. well chris and i and some peeps we've befriended decided we would make a small group and do a marriage based study together.
well wouldn't you know that the book we're reading for that is "love and respect"!
clearly god is trying to tell me something here.
and of all times in my life, this is the most perfect for me to listen.
moving to texas has been one the of the greatest decisions we've ever made.
it has also been one of the strangest transitions we've ever experienced, and the two of us are in a weird spot right now.

i will say this:
both of these books is totally rocking my face off.
and convicting me in crazy ways.
and revealing things to me that i never put together.

and when you ask god to show you areas you need to improve on....he will.
and he will put you in circumstances to use the new tools you're praying about.
and it will be very hard.
i mean i've got 29 years of damage to fix here.
damaged ways of thinking.

throughout the past several months, i've posted a few times on marriage and how crazy it is and how much it's taken for granted. you can catch up HERE and HERE and HERE.

i am seeing/learining more and more about so many broken marriages that the god i serve can put back together...if only the people in them would turn to his way and not our own.

both of these studies are amazing and i feel so strongly about them that i've decided i will post about them weekly so you can follow along too. i want your marriage to be beautiful....really i do.
my heart seriously breaks for people having a hard time in their marriages.
and of course when those troubles hit so close, so often, i wonder what makes my marriage safe from those same things. and i really think i've got the answer now.

please don't interpret that as me having ALL of the answers or the perfect marriage, because friends that is far from the truth. but i think i've got something worth sharing.
so i hope you'll join me on this journey of love and respect....because marriage can be beautiful if we allow it to be.


  1. I love For Women Only, it really opened my eyes too. Crazy how truly different our husbands are from us! I haven't read Love and Respect, I will have to check it out.