Blog Angel Time!

So as you know, this month I've been part of the Blog Angel fun over at Craftbotic.
I was assigned to The Sapphire Bee.
First of all, if you haven't visited her blog yet, please do! And make sure you stop by the shop and check out her cool goodies!
Brittany has been givng some great advice re: social media the last couple of weeks, so you should totally check it out.
I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't able to get to know Brittany as well as I would have liked. This month took me by storm and I have been swamped in every area of my life!
So Brittany...I apologize that I wasn't as awesome as I should have been!!!

Now as for the angel assigned to my bloggy, that would be Claudia.
LOVE her! She has been a blog angel rock star - giving lots of awesome comments, checking in on me when my blog went silent for a few days...I mean simply the best!
Ironically enough, we are so much alike and I definitely know that we'll be bloggy friends going forward too! We actually started following one another just a couple days before the blog angel assignments, so it was totally a God thing for us to be paired!

This was definitely a fun thing for me to get involved in.
I hope that I can do it again...just maybe in a month that's not quite so demanding in all areas of my life!


  1. I know what it's like when life takes over your ability to blog. Thank you for taking part. I really hope to see you back again in the future.


  2. Hi!! New follower here. Found you from the Blog Angel link up. Come say hi to me at www.ahusbandandadog.com and let me know what you think!

    Your husband reminds me of mine a little.

  3. So glad that God crossed our paths, friend! :)