My Country Tis of Thee

well y'all, it's that time of year.
political purgatory is what i like to refer to it as.
i HATE the presidential debates and all that comes with it.

i rarely mention politics here on the bloggy because well, it just gets too ugly.
and i definitely have my opinion, but i choose not to share too much of it here.

i hate all the slander and the he said she said of it all.
i hate that how our media is so drastically skewed so that both sides don't get unbiased coverage.
i feel that since most of hollywood is dedicated to one particular party, that's what we hear most about.
so it's frustrating you know?

and while i think that every vote counts and we as americans have the power to encourage true change in our country, i think that there's one thing we can do that serves a bigger purpose.

i feel very strongly that prayer for our nation and our leaders, no matter what side they're on, is so incredibly important.

god calls us to pray for our leaders.
and we tend to believe that prayer works for the most drastic of circumstances.
sickness and healing.
financial problems.
family matters.

but why not our country?
our country and our leaders need prayer more than anything.

i personally believe that prayer changes things and people.
i believe that god can soften hearts and move people, no matter what political party they associate with.

so peeps, i ask that you would join me, especially in these next couple of weeks, to pray for our country.
pray for the leaders, the candidates, and all who are in office.
pray that somehow god will be glorified no matter who gets elected in office.


  1. I'll be praying right along with you girl!! Xoxo

  2. Praying too!
    Praying for our country is something new to me in just the last year or so, but you're right, its so important.

  3. this is beautiful and you are so wise! i just stumbled randomly upon your blog and so happy i did - love your heart. now following you via GFC and looking forward to reading more! :)



  4. I'm not American (I'm in New Zealand) so I have a bit of a different perspective to this than you do, but it's still really interesting to watch! Politics in the US is SUPER different to how it is here.
    I think it will be close, but Obama will win.
    Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

  5. Amen! Prayer for our country is super important, as well as our local governments. A lot of states are working to pass controversial bills and referendums on everything from financial matters to the legalization of marijuana. It's a season of division for many, so my prayer in addition to yours is that we would see ourselves as one, despite our different views, and that God would be glorified by our votes and our actions post-election.

    BTW... totally sharing this post on FB and twitter. It's just too good not to!