New Faves

every once in a while i like to write a posts of my newest favorites.
i think it's important to share stuff like this because i find a lot of my new faves from various blogs and twitter posts.
these are a few things i came across this past week, and let me just say...happiness.

so over the weekend i went with a girlfriend to see pitch perfect. so, so, so cute.
i can't lie, i do love a "young" movie. and while i'm long past this life stage, i super loved the movie.
it's all about college singing groups - and it's great and hilarious. perfect for a girls night out.

next on the list, let's talk about johnnyswim. please do yourself a favor and get this album.
it's $2.99 and i promise it'll be the best $3 you've ever spent.
i'm super into the singer/songwriter style music, and well this is right up my alley.
their song heart beats....oh my. so good.

it's no lie that i love me some adele.
have you heard her new song, which also happens to be the new james bond theme song.
for real.
listen to it here. it's called skyfall. and it sounds very...well...james bondish!

so what greatness have you found lately that we need to know about?

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to go check out both songs. Thanks for the recommendations!
    I'm a young movie fan, too, but I also love movies with seniors. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is next on my to-watch list. :-)