Revisiting the 30 before 30

well, since i'm officially less than a year away from 30, i thought i should revisit the list.
you know, the list of 30 things i was supposed to complete by age 30.
so far i've completed a whopping 11 items off the list.

in revisiting this, i think i need to make some adjustments. 
i mean some of these just are not going to happen in the next year.

The new and improved remaining items:

1. Photography full time Let's go with get a successful photo business started in Texas
2. Go to Europe   Go to Chicago
3. Become a jogger
4. Plant a garden
5. Sew a bag  this is difficult without a sewing machine. So let's change to create 5 super crafty projects
6. Throw a themed dinner party
7. Have a baby  well after 7 years of trying, this is way out of my control, so let's go with get my nose pierced
8. Go to a wine tasting
9. Run a 5k
10. Dance
11. Attend a NFL game
12. Visit the West Coast Go on a cruise
13. Graduate college Determine a career direction
14. Go hiking
15. All inclusive vacation 30 days of home cooked meals - no take out
16. Take a trip with my BFF  girls' trip
17. Have a tea party
18. 30 straight days of quiet time with God
19. Get another tattoo

here goes nothin'!


  1. ahem....you have already run a 5k

    1. well i didn't run the entire thing! ;)

  2. You could take a cruise, visit the West Coast, and have a girl's trip all-in-one by doing an Alaskan cruise. I've heard they're a ton of fun! And I'm sure they offer tea on the ship so you could have a tea party, too, and there's probably a wine tasting on the ship or one of the ports. Bam! :)