well hello.
i hope you had a mahvelous weekend!
saturday, holli and i headed out to junk hippie at the convention center in dallas.
you know we love a collection of junk!
i was good...i spent hardly anything. woot woot!
sunday was super rainy, so chris and i rented james bond movies and had a marathon to get us caught up so we can go see skyfall.
i'll admit, adele's song for the movie got me pretty interested.
but then i realized i had never seen any of the new bond movies.
they were lovely.
and daniel craig....well he's a beaut.

y'all, i'm so ready to put out christmas decorations i can't stand it!
i tend to change up my holiday decor every year.
this year i'm thinking burlap!
oh be still my heart!!!

i'm thinking some cutesy diy like this is in order:

and most definitely a garland wreath will be necessary:

and this year i have a mantle, so i feel that this must happen:

what are you most looking forward to for the holidays?

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