how did i not share this

y'all, i swear i wrote a post about the fort worth stockyards last december when i came to visit.
but i can't find it anywhere.
how could i not have posted?

well i guess the timing's perfect because everything is probably decorated for christmas down there now!

so anyway, last december when i came to visit the fam, my dad and stepmom and i spent a night in fort worth.
we ate dinner at a steak house called h3 and i swear it's the greatest steak i've ever eaten. so good in fact that i've refused to eat another.

the stockyards is such a super cool place. tara (my stepmom) and i spent the morning there and took the historical tour to learn all the ins and outs. pretty amazing. basically, it used to be where all of the livestock were traded/bought and shipped. now the historical society owns it, so everything is preserved. there's lots of shops and restaurants and such. 100% family friendly.

each day, they have the cattle walk where they literally parade some cattle down the middle of the street. i have to say it was pretty awesome.

and y'all, there's real life cowboys.
granted, there are lots of real life cowboys out here in texas, but it's new to me!

on that same trip we also spent a night in san antonio. 
have you been to the riverwalk? super cool.
we took the boat ride down the river and learned a lil' history on that as well.
unfortunately, my dad got called into work, so we left at like 3am to go home. 
but before heading home we did an alamo drive by.
so i present you the alamo....at 4am.
i was pretty shocked that the whole city is just built right around the alamo. 
i guess i'm used to georgia historic sites where there's lots of land surrounding everything.
but not the alamo. they sure did just build around it like it was any other building.

i'm still shocked as to how/why i didn't share this a year ago.
at any rate, it's posted now! ;)
and fits in perfect with my "i love texas" feature!


  1. Following back from last week's follow fest! Your pictures are stellar!! Seriously, love the lighting and the coloring and I don't know a lot of people that could make cow behinds look that good.

  2. I just love the Fort Worth Stockyards!! Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures and for linking up with us!