I have a problem.

something is wrong with me.
seriously, i think there's something wrong with my brain and getting started on things.
i have tons of grandiose ideas but i just can't start them for some reason.
over the past few days, i've become aware of more and more areas of my life where i do this.

take for instance, my diet.
the doctor told me i needed to eat clean.
15 days ago he told me this. you know, so i can have a baby and fix my pcos issue.
so for 15 days i have eaten as unclean as possible.
i have lots of reasons excuses, but really, what is the deal?

or another example...jesus.
yes jesus.
while unpacking the other day i ran across a journal from my first year as a christian.
i was soooo eager for god and for knowledge about him.
and reading that totally rekindled something in my heart.
i mean i haven't been away from god or anything, but i miss that newness and eagerness to draw close to him.
so i made a schedule to set aside time to work on this.
yet for some reason, i've yet to open my bible.

that schedule also included other items to overhaul my life, like working out, etc.
but for some stupid reason my brain has some sort of block from me actually doing.
friends, this has to change. like now.
i'm over it. over myself.

how are some ways you push past resistance?


  1. Hi Lauren
    First visit to your blog. Love it.
    My blog is http://www.lifecherries.com/

  2. Start with one thing...Try starting with Jesus, then start slowly making the other adjustments. I have found that when I make time for Him everyday, then everything else just works out. My two cents anyway...

  3. Hey Hun,
    So I found your blog through That Friday Blog Hop and I am so glad I did!
    I love your blog it is so pretty!
    Looking forward to learning more about you.

  4. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for linking up with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I am following you in all the options you have on your blog for me to follow!!

    Please spread the word, share the blog code on your blog!! Who knows, you could end up being the featured blog next week!! Aloha Friday Blog Hop