Christmas Time Is Here!!!

oh my goodness, i'm just so excited. christmas time is here!!!
i love everything this season is about.
jesus. that's a big one! ;)
family, cheer, good deeds.
oh why can't it be this way year round?
why is it only once a year that the good in people is encouraged?
i'm pretty sure jesus wanted us to be that way every day. just a thought ;)

i am currently deep in the joys of christmas decorating! rest assured that next week's link up will have some finished pictures!

i mentioned earlier this week that the lady we got the house from left her artificial christmas trees for me and one of them is white.
i've decided to fully embrace it! i put it up last night and will get some ornaments for it this weekend.
i'm thinking bright and cheerful - i don't know, maybe something like whoville!

actually, i've got a whole list of things to buy this weekend.
ornaments, wrapping paper, wreath.
oh it's going to be great.

it's bloggers for christmas time!
ok, so we're ready to hear about your christmas spirit! share away!!!!

Bloggers for Christmas
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Luckily, the Rules are Simple:

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  1. The links aren't showing, just the number of links. :(

  2. Love the white Christmas tree idea! I'm sure you'll do an awesome job jazzing it up. The Whoville idea sounds AWESOME - can't wait to see some pictures. :)

  3. Hi! I found you via the link-up!
    I am usually a very traditional Christmas decoration kind of gal. But I think next year when we're in our new house (aka more space) I want to invest in a fun, funky colored tree (like white) with great bright ornaments!!

  4. love it! thanks for hosting...new follower! xo

  5. So happy Christmas time has arrived! I am happy to have found your cute blog too! xo

  6. That's pretty cool that your house came with Christmas trees, too! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  7. wow... sounds like you have a nice house... if you can have more than one tree... :) I love every part of the season too. If I could have more than one tree I would move all of my hubby's star trek and star wars ornaments to the OTHER tree ;)

  8. Looking forward to seeing the pictures indeed!

  9. Looking forward to linking up this Friday. I love Christmas!!