guilty pleasures.

ever have those things that you're totally addicted to, but kind of ashamed of it?
i know i do.
and somehow it makes me feel better if i air out my secrets!
lucky you!

let's start with eminem. it's true. his songs get me - i totally don't relate to any of them, but girl, i sure can sing along with him!

maybe i want to be a rapper in another life. lol! bahahaha!
does he smile? i have never seen a smile from this guy. sad life.

ok, next on the list...pitbull. mr. worldwide.
i can't look at him - reminds me a bit of a rat or a hamster or something.
but i totes think his voice is sexy.
and yes, i do have quite a few of his songs on the ol' ipod.

i love taylor swift.
oh gosh, that feels so much better now that i've let that out.
but i do. she's got a lot of haters, but not me! i lah-love her.
and her new album. i really want it.

so far this list makes me look like a 14 year old girl trapped in a 29 year old body.
maybe i am. i like to think i'm just young at heart.

i super love celeb gossip. well, maybe it's more like a love/hate relationship.  
i totally love knowing all about these random "celebs" but then i get irritated when it's all anyone talks about. for instance - the k-patt breakup/scandal. for those of you not all updated with celeb gossip shorthand, k-patt = kristen stewart/robert pattinson. i was totally irritated that it was the only thing any of the sites/shows were talking about, yet i sure did tune in. ugh.

whew. i feel awesome now that's all off my chest!
what are your guilty pleasures?


  1. I have been planning a post similar to this, because I'm totally guilty of listening to music like I'm a 13-year-old girl... it's kind of embarrassing sometimes what you might find me rocking out to! Oh well, it's fun for me so why does it matter?!

  2. haha i don't typically keep up with celebrity news but i do love to listen to backstreet boys when i have to drive long distances. my husband LOVES it! haha.

  3. I can't get enough of the Taylor Swift songs, and I sing along! (which may or may not be embarrassing)

  4. I love Eminem too! I can sing the heck out of his songs. I can't stand Pitbul. He made a huge jerk out of himself when there was a contest and he had to come to Alaska to meet with people. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift either. I was at first, but her songs are just getting the same now.

  5. I can't believe I'm saying this.. but for me, it's Dance Moms. Oh man... I think my IQ may have just dropped, hehe.

  6. And love me some pitbull! I love Justin Bieber, I know it's bad! haha
    Helene in Between