just plain thankful.

it seems like everyone has been doing the daily thankful thing this month.
and of course it would be fitting for everyone to write about being thankful on this here thanksgiving day.

i didn't do the daily thing. i don't want to be "thankful" because everyone else is.
i want to live a life where i take time weekly, if not daily, to be aware of the many many many ways i am blessed.

but here, on thanksgiving, i really am thankful.

i'm thankful for a Savior that died for all my shortcomings so that i may spend eternity with him.
i'm thankful for my family and friends, and their unconditional love. i know that i have been guilty of taking that for granted.
i'm thankful for the years i got to spend with my precious momma, and even more thankful that someday i'll get to see her again.
i'm thankful for my sweet hubby and our life together.
i'm thankful for this new chapter of our lives here in texas and i'm excited to see what god does while we're here.
i'm thankful for my trials, one because the bible tells me to be, but two, because i have been molded and shaped into something better as a result of them.
i'm thankful for the gifts and talents that god has given me, and i pray that i always use them to glorify him.

i'm thankful for a stress free holiday this year.
i'm so grateful that i'm in the same state with my brothers. this year we're spending thanksgiving with my older brother and his wife's family. i am beyond blessed at how my sis-in-law's family have accepted us as their own. precious people.

and then of course we'll have to move on to a little shopping and i'm very thankful for that!

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  1. Um yes, and I'm SURE you're grateful to be closer to your fave cousins too.