tis better to give than to receive

y'all. i love giving gifts.
unfortunately finances bind me more than i would like.
if i could, i would give gifts all year.
i love it! there's just something about picking out a gift that you just know someone is going to love!
agghhh! i get excited just talking about it.

i've been doing some christmas shopping this week and i'm so excited.
i've got packages coming from all over!
in fact, i have one big plastic container i keep gifts in. sometimes i stock up on things that i know will make great gifts. and then come christmas time, i really load it up!
oh i just can't wait.

and i really can't wait to tell you about all the goodies i've found...but that will have to wait until after christmas. :(

in other news...we're moving.
this may actually be a record.
we've only lived here 3 months!!!
but it's an awesome opportunity.
we only had 2 days to find a place to live in a new state, so i think we knew this place wouldn't last for long.
we found a house about 8 miles away and for the same price we're currently paying for apartment rent.
uh...yay God!
it's 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. a huge fenced in yard for wallace to frolic in.
the kitchen is much bigger, which is a must.
i'm so excited i can hardly stand it.
we move in sunday. woot woot!

BUT THEN...as soon as we move in i can start decorating for christmas!
and then i'm having a party.
yep, a sibling party.
it will be the very first time that all 4 of us siblings have hung out all together...just us.
and of course our families.
so brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and my niece.
sounds heavenly to me!!!
i absolutely can NOT wait.

but what in the world should i cook for dinner?
there will be 10 mouths to feed!??? help...i need ideas!
i could always throw something on the grill.
or do some kind od pasta bake.
help! ok go!

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