this and that

lots and lots going on this here week of thanks.
how about you?

remember how i told you i cut my hair? 
well i forgot to tell you the good news that my curls came back!!! see, look!

yep it's that awesome iphone photo quality.
did i tell you that my curls went away?
oh my, this was a catastrophe!
ok, so waaayyy earlier this year, like maybe in the early spring, i got a hair cut.
and the cut was awesome, so i was wearing it straight.
now, i don't know if it happened at the salon or if it was something i did, but nonetheless, my curls left.
what???? i know.
i went through a slight identity crisis because my curls have always been my thing.
so i spent like a couple months of no heat on my hair at all trying to will my curls back.
well, they got a little better, but i kept having to wear it pulled back because i looked like a manged lion. it was no good friends. no good at all.
but fear not, after getting about 6 inches cut off, they are back and curly and bouncy as ever.
identity has returned.

did i tell you about the junk hippie rodeo holli and i went to a couple of weeks ago?
what is with me and not filling you in on the frivolous deets of my life?!
nevermind, yes i did tell you. ah...i'm losing it. but it was a brief tale.
so we went.
we conquered.
holli got to meet some blogging peeps she's been following for a while.
it's so cool to meet you all face to face after following all the details of your lives for so long!
and we did a self-portrait.

and at said hippie rodeo, holli and i got some super cute headbands. 
i've had my eye on these for a while, but refuse to spend $16 on one.
yet another reason that i need a sewing machine....and need to know how to use it.
but anyway, i got this one as soon as we walked in the door for $7! what a deal!
yes please.
it's so presh. and teal of course.

so i made chris play a game with me at dinner the other night.
we spent our whole date asking random questions...you know to reconnect.
it's easy to disconnect in the busyness of everyday living.
one of my favorite questions was "what fruit would you be and why?"
and we had some awesome answers if i do say so myself.

i said i would be a pomegranate because i'm juicy and fun, but also complicated.
chris went with pineapple because on the outside they are harsh and prickly but sweet on the inside.
so true.

and that's about enough for today! hope you are all getting ready for turkey day!


  1. That reconnecting game is so fun! My boyfriend and I do random questions like this some time, and we both love it. And y'alls answers about the fruit is so great and cute! :)